Signature Detail

The Signature Detail includes the following:


  • Full Interior Vacuum
    • Dirt is vacuumed and removed from all possible areas including trunk, under seats, behind back seats and all in cracks and crevices.
  • Shampoo Carpets/Floor mats (seats by request at no extra charge)
    • Dirt is removed from deep inside the carpet. Three different kinds of carpet cleaners are used to remove all removable stains. The completed process gives carpets a brand new look and smell.
  • Clean and Condition Leather Seats
    • Lexol brand leather condition is the top of the line brand used to treat leather. The leather is carefully cleaned to remove discoloration, spots, and smudges, then conditioned to soften and prolong the life of the leather.
  • Clean and Protect Dashboard as well as all other vinyl surfaces
    • This is one of the most intense steps in the entire detail. Every square inch of the vehicle’s vinyl surfaces are cleaned and conditioned to remove all possible smudges, spots, and stains in an effort to restore the vehicle back into its brand new condition. This step also conditions and protects the vinyl from further wear due to UV radiation.
      Streak Free Clean Windows and Mirrors


  • Clean and Dress Wheels and Tires
    • In this step, a silicone based dressing is used to give the tire a bright matte look. The advanced dressing is formulated to last up to a few weeks.
      Clean and Wax Door Jambs
  • Engine Detail (by request at no extra charge)
    • Our engine detail is a simple degrease, rinse, and conditioning of the hoses. It is designed to interfere as little as possible with the mechanics of the engine.
  • Six Step Exterior Paint Solution
    • 1. Hand Wash and Dry
    • 2. Clay Vehicle to Remove Contaminants
      • Claying is an advanced step not used or well understood by most detailers. A very clean synthetic clay is run over the paint while it is still wet. The clay literally grabs onto to particles of dirt and grime that have lodged into the paint and pulls them out. After the paint has been clayed, it will feel smooth like glass.
    • 3. Machine Polish to Remove Scratches and Oxidation
      • This step further cleans, shines and preps the paint for an eventual coat of wax or sealant. Polishing is an essential step for bringing out a paint’s optimal shine. We use an orbital buffer for this step. Unlike the traditional rotary buffer, the vibrating motion of the orbital buffer prevents any possibility of it damaging the paint through burns or holograms.
    • 4. 3 coats of Zaino Z-2 PRO sealant to provide greater protection, gloss, shine, depth, clarity and reflectivity.
      • Zaino Z-2 Pro is by far the best product for a vehicle’s paint available. Directly before application, a curing agent is mixed with the sealant, increasing the life of the sealant to 6 months as well as allowing for multiple coats to be applied.

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