How long does it take to complete a car detailing?

It usually takes our detailers 3 hours to complete a full car detailing. Detailing both exterior and interior of the car.

How experienced are your detailers?

Sharp Detail has been in the car detailing business for more than 10 years and we have detailers that have been with us from the very beginning, that’s ten full years of detailin experience.

How do I know if my vehicle is the Regular or Larger Size?

We separate vehicles into the following two categories:
Regular Size: Coupes, Sedans, two-door SUV’s, light duty trucks.
Larger Size: SUV’s with more than 2 doors, Vans, Mini-Vans, Full-Size Trucks.

Why do you shampoo cloth seats by request?

When you shampoo your cloth seats, they are left damp and need to be dried out for a period of time. This is many times an inconvenience for the customer especially considering that most cloth seats only need vacuuming and spot cleaning.

Why do you detail the engine by request?

A vehicle’s engine has many complex mechanical and electrical components in it. Your engine is designed to be water resistant, but spraying the engine with water can agitate some pre-existing problems such as weak and worn connections in the electrical system. For this reason, we do not recommend having your engine detailed by inexperienced detailers. However, we can wipe and hose down the engine with plastic and rubber conditioner as opposed to a full degrease, this minimizes the risk while also improving the aesthetics, this step can also prolong the life of your engine hoses as well.

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